Modern Southeast Asia

What is Lukshon? Lukshon is the creation of one of L.A.’s most celebrated chefs, Sang Yoon. It is exquisite and modern takes on authentic South-East Asian Cuisine and its wonderfully diverse ingredients. It is our spicy chicken pops or our Bhutanese red rice with house cured lamb belly. It is the two-day braised short rib or Hawaiian Butterfish.



Lukshon is a drink and a bowl of noodles at the bar, an intimate dinner under the calm of an LA evening on the patio, a celebration in the elegant and comfortable booths, a night shared with friends and strangers at the communal table, the theatre of a completely open kitchen, the rattle and hum of the service, the teak walls with hand-crafted flower inlays; it is the fusion of style and function.





Lukshon is wine. It is a concise and well-curated selection to pair with the assertive flavors of the menu. It is Grand Cru Champagnes to world class Rieslings, wines of integrity, transparency and value from some of the most talented and passionate winemakers in the world. It is the discovery of a perfect pairing for those willing to depart from tradition.



Lukshon is beer. It is draft, it is bottles, it is an ever-changing array of rare and unique brews to be enjoyed with food or simply to be enjoyed.






Lukshon is cocktails. It is a craft spirit list with artisan cocktails. It is the Hot and Sour Gimlet, it is a fresh take on the Singapore Sling.





Lukshon is attention to detail. It is the friendly knowledgeable staff, it is the warm fire-lit patio, it is the tingling of the Szechuan peppercorns, the complimentary desserts and sparkling water. Lukshon redefines.